Nehemiah was not fooling around, he meant business. He pointed the people to God by reading the word of God, and then, crazily enough, he actually expected people to follow it (see Nehemiah 9.1-38)! He was serious about God’s business — and are we surprised, after all he’s done to rebuild the walls, the gates, and the […]

“Like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives.” We know Sandy’s story. She’s Arthur’s cousin, the guy who’s in prison unjustly for the murder of  Granny Sarah’s cousin. His wife, Candace, fell in love with the cable repairman while Arthur was in prison. Candace is pregnant, and she can’t decide what to […]

Genealogies are so exciting, we needed to talk about them again! Certainly, genealogies help us learn how we are connected, as we discovered last week, but they also tell us something very important: our place of origin. Where do we all start this journey we call ‘life’? If we take Abraham, for example, we know that […]