We probably understand that we need food, regularly, to live. It’s just part of living this life, we need to eat. Of course, we should eat right and well because that makes all the difference for us. Truth is, we need spiritual food too, regularly, to have the life God wants for us. We need […]

We begin this story of Jesus encountering the Gerasene demoniac, not when Jesus steps on the shores of the country of the Gerasenes, but in the few verses preceding this incident (cf. Mark 4.39-41). The question still ringing in the air as Jesus steps from the boat is, “Who then is this, that even wind and […]

Believe it or not, “[t]he early Methodist meetings were often led by lay preachers with very limited education. On one occasion, such a preacher took as his text Luke 19:21: ‘Lord, I feared thee, because thou art an austere man.’ “Not knowing the word austere, he thought that the text spoke of an oyster man. He […]

We get personalized info on the web, personalized service at stores we frequent, personalized music lists on apps and iPods: why not get personalized medicine? George Church looks to do exactly that. Dr. Church has helped develop the automating of gene-sequencing, something that heralds great advances in the treatment of all manner of things in our […]