This last year has been difficult here in Louisiana with hurricanes and the Covid pandemic. Directly or indirectly we have experienced the trouble of these disasters. We all know the disaster to varying degrees. We have seen the cities affected. More than that, we have seen and do know the people affected. So, the cry “O that you would […]

We begin this story of Jesus encountering the Gerasene demoniac, not when Jesus steps on the shores of the country of the Gerasenes, but in the few verses preceding this incident (cf. Mark 4.39-41). The question still ringing in the air as Jesus steps from the boat is, “Who then is this, that even wind and […]

Believe it or not, “[t]he early Methodist meetings were often led by lay preachers with very limited education. On one occasion, such a preacher took as his text Luke 19:21: ‘Lord, I feared thee, because thou art an austere man.’ “Not knowing the word austere, he thought that the text spoke of an oyster man. He […]