This last year has been difficult here in Louisiana with hurricanes and the Covid pandemic. Directly or indirectly we have experienced the trouble of these disasters. We all know the disaster to varying degrees. We have seen the cities affected. More than that, we have seen and do know the people affected. So, the cry “O that you would […]

We get personalized info on the web, personalized service at stores we frequent, personalized music lists on apps and iPods: why not get personalized medicine? George Church looks to do exactly that. Dr. Church has helped develop the automating of gene-sequencing, something that heralds great advances in the treatment of all manner of things in our […]

Nehemiah was not fooling around, he meant business. He pointed the people to God by reading the word of God, and then, crazily enough, he actually expected people to follow it (see Nehemiah 9.1-38)! He was serious about God’s business — and are we surprised, after all he’s done to rebuild the walls, the gates, and the […]